Corny fucking guys is a fucking turn offff just fucking stop for fucks sakes lmfaoo kplzthankz hehe.

"Fall in love with his eyes,
Because when he’s sad he will not smile,
But you’ll see love in his eyes,
As you get older looks will disappear,
He’ll loose those blonde locks, and good physique,
But those eyes, they’ll remain the same
So when you fall in love make sure it’s with his eyes because true love is in the depths of his eyes"

My 77 year old granny (via forgeteverything-startingwithyou)
this is too cute (via harvestpuffs)

(Source: musicup-worldout, via thechriscrocker)

I wish I could restart high school. Regret so many things and people.. Sighing for forever.


My dog is a fail.

(via vulgarswami)

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